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I grew up in a wild, remote corner of England. Much of my childhood was spent climbing trees, roaming across windswept hills and eagerly asking “Why?” – habits that I’ve never entirely lost. I am fascinated by the traces we leave on the earth...and the traces the earth leaves on us.

Raised and home-educated on a moorland in Cornwall, Rebecca Marshall (1977) is a fine art photographer based in the South of France. After attaining a degree in geography, she held visual communication posts for international aid agencies in the UK, Bangladesh and Nepal. Self-taught, she devoted herself fully to photography in 2006. Her art practice explores our connection with the land, and what it means to be alive.

Recently, Rebecca's photographs have been exhibited at Galerie Huit Arles (solo show, Les Rencontres d’Arles, France 2022), Fotofestival Nuremberg (solo show, Germany 2021), Postcards from Europe (group show, Cambridge University 2022), British Journal of Photography’s OpenWalls Arles (finalist, 2019) and featured in LensCulture Art Photography Awards. Her portraits and reportage are regularly commissioned by clients including The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, GEO, Stern and TIME.

 "Every rock, every being, every place is entirely unique. Yet, we are all made of the same tiny particles, which are in constant motion. I often choose to work with a large format, wooden camera: the presence it requires grounds me, and helps me to sense the underlying vibration of vitality that connects us all.

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